Dear B*critic: Miss Inconsistency

A friend of the b*critic LOVES to cause a fuss.

 Much like the Barry Marder a.k.a Jerry Seinfeld’s friend Ted Nancy… this is hilarious… let’s just wait to see what customer services at Dannon comes back with.

“LOVE IT!” says the b*critic

“Hi….I LOVE Dannon.
I lived in France and ate it everyday.
And now I am in the US – back home, I have found my new love in yoghurt again!!
However, there is a slight issue with the stockists – making it very hard for me to purchase your products.
The target store – NEVER has any stock
and the FAIRWAY supermarket (apparently a whole new market like no other) has hiked the price up to about double what it is elsewhere. Rip off!
This really confuses me about the quality of your products – is it better in Fairway Supermarkets?
With all the issues of buying your product – it makes me unfortunately, look for other brands with less ambiguity.
Just letting you know.

Re: nonfat plain yoghurt – the only way to go!”

Now how do you pronouce it Dan-on or Dan-own? 


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