Gusanitos – A language lesson at my local bakery

it peers out – ready to be eaten

Guatemalan Bakeries in a country that lacks good bread

France has some of the best bakeries in the world

Drive in and out of the Jura and you can be lucky to spot a family run bakery with fresh baguettes out of a firey oven. 
Many bakeries in France have one core competency… either they make great baguettes or they make delicious, crispy, yet buttery soft croissants. I have never found a bakery that excels at both.
So now… in the US… bakeries are perhaps the major let down and disappointment to the whole country.
The bakeries are dull, boring and overpriced.
Walk into a bakery, either in a big city or a small town and you see unappetizing breads, horrific looking cakes … and you merely walk away in disgust.
However, if you are desperate – like myself for delicious bread.. there is a saving grace.
Guatemalan bakeries
Absolutely delicious bread that is baked fresh and a perfect addition to a cup of steaming coffee in the morning. 
Not sure whether butter is used heavily in their recipes but they are dense, yet crunchy at the ends
The best of both worlds.
Local bakeries in and around Connecticut are a blessing in disguise. Clean, family run businesses that wake up early to give you your sweet breads for the day.
Today, I ventured for Gusanito – delicious log shaped bread with hard ends.
The b*critic says: delicious with your coffee. the trick is having it with a coffee that stays hot in this freak cold climate.
Directly from Guatemala we present you: Besitos, Gusanitos and Cuernitos
Image from YELP

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