BLD / 36 Project: Budapest through the Gerlóczy Looking Glass

Name: Regina Bruckner

I live in Budapest and have called it home for 12 years (I was born here and lived 20 km far till I was 19)
I get around by:Bike
To pay the bills, I work at: Marketing Manager at Gerlócczy Café&Rooms de Lux
Favourite place for breakfast? Kino, Szendzso, Móka Kabinet, Jedelman(and Gerlóczy of Course:-)
Best place for local food and to mingle with the locals: Local food: Menza,
Mingle with locals at Bambi,Majorka, Csendes
My perfect day: stay in bed till 10, have breakfast in one of the places I’ve mentioned above, and go out for the day to the country side, or lake Balaton. At night when we return have a big bath, watch a movie or read a good book.
Best place for a sit down lunch? Gerlóczy for me. 
Best place for quick grab and go cheap arse lunch?Szeráj Turkish Restaurant
3 pm….hunger strikes: you can find me at Arriba Taqueria
My favourite places to shop: Fény utca Food Market.
For local designers, producers and general fare, I would recommend: Rododendron, Design Terminal, Printa.
My Favourite neighbourhood is The Castle Area
Most underrated food / restaurant that tourists don’t know about? Momotaro Ramen (mabe they know about it)
If I had to keep a bus load of tourists entertained, I would send them: to Aquarium or A38 ship.

If friends were visiting for the weekend, this would be my plan:
Best way to and from the airport is : there’s only one way……. Avoid traffic and get a train maybe……
Grab an early lunch at Gerlóczy. 
For the perfect start to the weekend.
Spend the afternoon downtown (5th,6th,7thdistrict)…. Stop off for a quick bite My Little Melbourneor Fekete…..
In the afternoon, spare an hour or two at Margaret island, as well as head to the Kopaszigát.
Dinner planned and booked for 7 pm at  Gerlóczy (again!)
If I found a bag of money, I would dine at Gresham or Tom George or Onyx….

My secret cheap indulgence is
: Jégbüfé

One word to describe my city: nevergetenoughofit


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