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Walking up and down the grocery aisle in the US you have your pick of snacks and lollies.
The overwhelming shelves of delicious treats that us, mere Aussie’,s dream about are cleverly marketed to those that are hungry for some good American eats.

But when it comes to cheese – there is something very sad and depressing as a shopper

Horrible, very yellow looking slices of cheese that scream ‘processed’ can easily turn off even the novice cheese affection-ado.

But not for long…. thankfully there is a lifeline in the cheese world, affectionately known as Castello Cheese.

When I was in the UK, I tried the Danish blue cheese and crumbled it onto crisps… taking bites between fresh, sticky figs before washing it down with a sweet port.

So as you can imagine, after discovering that Castello also makes hard cheese – I jumped, I screamed and I … ate…. a lot of cheese to make up for lost time.

I’ve ripped into the Hirten and shared it amongst friends with also a cheese fetish. Nothing like it can be found in France, but rather it suits to the US palette. It tastes exactly like cheddar, a very sharp bite to it. I ate it raw, I ate it in pasta and I shaved it over a very French salad… Tres Magnifique!

I am now moving onto my next round – the Weissbier and hoping that it taste like beer – to take me back to my Black Forest Days in Germany

the b*critic says:
So everyday I bite into a piece, slice or emmm… wedge of Castello – I have that oh so Castello moment. Now all I need to find is a genuine crusty baguette in NY….

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