Lobster Landing, Connecticut, USA

Lobster is definitely a fancy, pancy and very much expensive ingredient

I love it, but when you pay for the shells and only can eat the meat, well, it is quite expensive

Australian prices are very high at about $80 dollars a kg
In the US, a little cheaper, because it is a-plenty with lobster along the East Coast

So I figure – eat more, eat more, stuff more in my gob!

The lobster roll is something I use to dream about eating

So this is what it is:

Very cheap white hot dog roll, usually slightly grilled
Pour melted butter on top a….
steamed, fresh New England Lobster

I think it needs a little sea salt and should always come with crispy chips – but that’s the gourmet pig in me

the b*critic says:
Lobster Landing is one of those that many talk about
Nice servers, but the lobster roll itself, at $15 dollars is cheaper than competitors, but the meat sucks
Strips and not chunks
Pulled pork like bits of crab… come on…


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