Tim Raue: Check POINT

Where is the bread?

Maybe they forgot? Should I ask?

Before you make a fool of yourself, don’t ask for bread or any form of nasty carbohydrate that could potentially tire the body down when dining at the very delicious and well situated Tim Raue Restaurant in Berlin

Hidden in a small alley near CHECK POINT Charlie in Berlin, you must book yourself a table at Tim Raue

Not your average meal of big ham hocks, sausages and everything else that reminds people of their beer drinking days, but a good meal in a nice setting
The staff are really chic and cool – totally Berlin, in their sneaks yet stylish blazers
I like it
The staff smile politely as you wander pass the kitchen to your table

This will be a great experience

So someone told me that this is Tim Raue:

 Chef Tim really believes that his cuisine gives energy to the body instead of tiring it. So he does not only cook without any carbohydrates such as white flour and white sugar, he also uses ingredients based on the season, like the Chinese do it. For example: red chili gives warmth to the body so he uses it in winter. Green chili gives cold to the body so he uses it in summer. Etc…so this might be interesting for the average person who wants good food

The B*Critic Says:
You may feel a little hungry and starve carbs but the dinner is truely a great experience
The food is well paired but not creatively exhausting on the stomach
Nothing too fancy, just good European ingredients with a small infusion of Asian flavours
The sommelier is worth visiting alone




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