Restaurant VOLT-Restaurang VOLT-Stockholm, SWEDEN

POP-Up Restaurants might have well… POPPED up last year and sent all foodies on a bit of an eating frenzy. But there is something unassuming and unconvincing about untrained chefs who try and open up restaurants to feed their inner curiosities of being another MasterChef hopeful High prices and unreliable food from ‘secret’ restaurants are not my thing So when I traveled to Stockholm for a recent holiday, I stumbled upon Restaurant Volt Oh.. nothing pop-up or secretive about this place The boys behind in the kitchen are a little intimidating…. only because they are super good looking, super talented and well super duper when it comes to providing a great restaurant experience to those who want good food, done well Local seasonal food is on the menu Service is attentive with a smile Try the great wine and beer pairings Whilst there is no menu — it makes it interesting The amuse-bouche is generous and a good start The bread– YUM! Home-made butter– Delicious! Plates, clean and well presented…. It is a great place to visit if you can snag a spot in their tiny little restaurant Be sure to venture into the toilet — for something to look at Otherwise, why waste your time on meatballs when you can have VOLT? The b*critic says: Young boys in the kitchen who really know what they are doing The cake and infused tea at the end is pretty worth lingering over Fresh ingredients in cute portions Details: Restaurant VOLT ommendörsgatan 16 114 48 Stockholm, Sweden


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