Restaurant L’Ermitage, Montreux, Switzerland

I wasn’t expecting much Someone told me to go to Montreux and suggest a good place for good food The Swiss are known for great technique in the kitchen Great local, fresh food Great and high prices to come with the great experience So when I came across Restaurant L’Ermitage, I went in thinking ‘Just another restaurant stuck to a luxury B&B’ But what L’Ermitage offers is a small oasis away from a very boring strip of tourist-y, boring and high end hotels that look a little dull next to the husband and wife duo that run this unassuming spot Walk into the restaurant, have a seat and get comfy… good food to be had Big bold flavours, such as the uni soup that i LOVED with a fresh clam like salsa Plates are well presented and well very huge in size when compared to other restaurants that offer people with big appetites only a taste rather than a meal L’Ermitage offers some deliciously special local wine, and surprisingly opened my mind to the great vineyards of the region Nice combination of things on a plate that complement each other– try the pork with the crispy croquette.. YUM! The dessert is nice too The b*critic says: Whilst you and your dinner partner may have mixed portion sizes, the sauces are rich and food delightful at an affordable Suisse Price The details: Restaurant L’Ermitage Rue du Lac 75 Clarens 021 964 44 11


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