Horizons Restaurant, Fairmont Hotel, Monaco

I had a lot of high hopes for Monaco The money, the rich air, the great food The fact that it borders so closely to Italy I was really excited Whilst the water was beautiful, it was difficult to fall asleep on my deck chair perched up on the 7th floor of the Fairmont Hotel The hotel itself was a little disappointing, old, rude people at reception and very much not the five star experience that I was expecting With pelting rain on my visit, I was looking forward to the restaurant The view is spectacular when seated outside in Horizon’s Restaurant, Fairmont Whilst it is hotel food, the chef tries his best, incorporating classic Southern France cuisine with fresh products and ingredients. The anchovy dish on crispy toast was nice but not necessary for the grilled veg This chef has the capabilities to go further and is slightly restricted with the hotel vibe…. But the dishes are well presented and flavours really nice It is one of the best hotel foods that I have experienced for ‘generic’ hotels—anyway The best, and show stopper is this: the dessert Be sure to go with a friend, or two or three GET THIS: the big wammy mille feuille The b*critic says: Go for the dessert, specifically he Millefeuille The details: HORIZON Restaurant, Fairmont 12 Avenue Des Spelugues 98007 Monte Carlo, France +377 93 50 65 00 http://www.fairmont.com/monte-carlo/

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