Restaurant L’Union – Crans

La Chasse est Arrivee!!! The Hunt is on baby! In Switzerland, the end of the Summer means: Cold Nights Getting fat and the hearing dos and donts of how to eat melted cheese Whatever…. For the non-tourists out there… there is something else to enjoy La Chasse Go to a restaurant in the Vaud region – and enjoy some good home cooking Unfortunately, on this occasion to Crans – Restaurant L’Unionthis was not exactly he case The terrine was fantastic as a starter the La Chasse then continued with a very thick sauce a little bits of left-over meat… where was the rest of the animal The Brussels sprouts were dismal and could not even serve a small child the spatzli could have been nice if not doused in oil The tart tartin was quite good but nothing in comparison to the one I had in Lyon at ‘The Artist’ just near the Saint Antonine Marche The b*critic says: Oh well…. looking for the next good meal! Lunch is a bargain for 2 courses at 20 Franc Dinner gets extreme, is it worth it? The fondant looked good on the plate of our neighbours table


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