Weggis, Switzerland: POST HOTEl and Restaurant

There is Cadbury There is Lindt There is coke There is Pepsi There is tap water There is San pelligrino There is park hotel wedgies And there is post hotel The less expensive and less fancy hotel when in weggis Switzerland Post hotel is almost a budget friendly hotel with a few extra trimmings to make your stay in the German side of switzerland more enjoyable The rooms are clean and the hotel amenities are nice…in want of a better word The restaurant adjoined to the post hotel offers a great atmosphere by theater Many visitors try and snag a table treat simple food out of a smoking bungalow like kitchen But for this with extra cash and in need for something other than a burger orang filled with crispy fat chips, eat some local specialties that taste exactly like those from a take away joint only dished out on fancy cutlery Howevr, I had the fish and and lobster-ish dish which was pretty good The Asian fusion recipes and meals are a little bizarre and rough but who would order them anyway? The papaya salad – horrible — don’t get it The b*critic says: Goodness is that the much more expensive hotel, park hotel offers the exact same breakfast but at a far greater price The gym is better at the post and with using The pool….pretty cool Too bad you have to pay for games and videos for you x box player I guess someone has to pay for the free sparkling lavender water offered to all guests upon arrival The bread in the morning, dismal, but at least the people in Park Hotel are getting same dough balls for a much higher price! Post hotel restaurant: eat by the water for the view and chilled atmosphere The food is simple, attempted middle class dining for those without a palate for fine dining. However, with fresh produce and a pretty decent price – it really is worth a visit


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