Simply french: Rouge Vif d’etampes

This time last year, I jumped on a bike, put on my new New Balanced runners and headed straight for the Swiss country side There I found and returned with a medium sized pumpkin Coming from a country that only eats the usual pumpkin consisting of butternut, butternut and butternut pumpkins, I was curious and a little naieve at how this new breed would taste u dee my kitchen skills After braises, cake and muffin attempts and even a classic Japanese kabocha nimono ( without the kabocha but with this new pumpkin species) I succumbed and chucked out the raining pumpkin pieces…. The consistency just did not work. Far too sweet, too loose and just watery yellow stuff, I was baffooned at how to eat this potiron. After a year in France, four seasons learning from French chefs and eating with a growling stomach, I have a new profound appreciation for Rouge vid d’etampes Otherwise known as the Cinderella pumpkin Many suggest to cook and eat it roasted or in a soup The consistency is quite unique and very sweet…. Not suitable for pie because it lacks that dense depth that make pumpkin pie rich. The skin is hard to digest and the seeds seem to be worth cleaning and roasting


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