Park Hotel Weggis, Switzerland: Annex Restaurant

Oh hello luxury Well, so I thought The spa is raved about and simply disappoints The Japanese garden is quite beautiful but doesn’t invite guests to relax in the serenity it promotes The breakfast is possible the worst i have endured in a five star, luxury resort The apples at reception are crunchy and fresh The restaurant associated with the park hotel is known as Annex Chef Renee Rischmeyer heads up a very competent and capable team Sitting aloft, looking at lake Lucerne and waving to other dinners eating at the inferior restaurant sparks make it a great dining experience From what I remember Service is attentive But the food Definitely with the 1 Michelin star and more points should be given from fault Milan The chef is competent with flavours Mediterranean and Asian fusion works well here Believe me, I know, I am Asian The b*critic says: If you want inspiration in the kitchen with new flavours and unusual pairings… This is the place to learn from a talented chef Prices are quite high but considering what is available around you… Do yourself a favor and eat here The other diners are serious and don’t crack a smile….how Swiss The bread is plentiful, wine also deliciously prepared from a sommelier that loses track of his guest but dessert is worth stuffing in The best petit four you will ever get


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