Italy, France, Monaco and Mirazur

Mirazur A 2 Michelin Star restaurant just on the border of France… The South of France Possibly if you sit in the lofty restaurant, overlooking the prestine waters of the South of France, you may just be in Italy … or France. Who knows? But one thing is for sure: you will be well fed. Chef Mauro Colagreco is a name not many know when it comes to food and good food for that matter. Although he has a strong reputation in the South of France, with 2 stars and other awards, his cooking and restaurant is definitely something that should be discovered. The meals and dishes perhaps did not necessarily wow…. and you wonder about the heavy use of Olive oil…. is it for the sake of being so close to Italy? But on the lunch degustation that I found myself in.. I was ready for a good meal The service is abrupt and the constant badgering of ‘why didn’t you finish your meal’ is a little off putting, but if you are going to go there for one thing: Delve head first into La Floret… Every chef, in my opinion, should have a dish that WOW’s and this one is it. Possibly a little too big to digest, but no matter, very interesting, get ready to be the envy of other diners, whom only get the boring lunch menu. Other dishes are ok, some flavours really sing and are worth having, but when a crispy pork belly comes out not crispy… well, something has to be done to keep those 2 stars! And.. no canelles at the end of my meal and 2 sorbets in a row… please fix that chef! What the B*Critic Says:Perhaps I have been spoilt but when the bread basket comes out not warm or seemingly fresh – that is just too disappointing. Perhaps it was the country bread with one very very dry side and one fluffy side that set me off? Crowd: Get ready to dine with Americans with big wallets but no class The decor is just so 1980s… erkkk Details


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