Tomo Sushi – Warsaw

Tomo Sushi – Warsaw Sushi in Warsaw is surprising. There is NO Japanese chef in the kitchen Anytime you are eating raw anything – vegetables, meat and most importantly fish – it has to be fresh So curiosity got the best of me when I was in Warsaw. What is sushi in Poland? How does it taste? Is it worth the visit? Probably not, but when you are craving rice, fresh food and something that is not made of dough – then you jump head first into Tomo Sushi Just near the hotel I was crashing in – same one as the Germany National Team What te B*Critic says: I found TOMO Sushi Krucza 16/22 Warsaw, Poland 22 434 23 44 The sushi rice is far too sweet The service is variable – they seem oddly too nice The Ginger they give you is way too much and makes you feel like an animal The soy sauce – is quite decent Good option, high high prices – even for Polish standards


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