Flaming and Co, Warsaw- Poland

Flaming and Co is apparently designed by the famous Ralph Lauren It is a nice little area – quite bizarre setting, since if you go on weekends, you see a bunch of American expats sitting on the lawn, eating their bagels etc. The weekend spread looks delicious with fresh products laid out before you The atmosphere is great – wooden tables and a very Martha’s Vineyard feeling But what is quite distressing is the service is a little strange – they try to be helpful with their very excellent English skills, however, they seem quite ‘stand-offish’ – since they are Ralph Lauren workers The breakfast is quite disappointing, although clean Prices are quit expensive for Polish standards – considering what you are offered Oatmeal comes with 1 strawberry and a mountain of very very dry oats The waffles – well, emmm, waffle, with 3 strawberries and a very bruised apricot the Waffles are super crispy – not in a good way There is NO flexibility in the kitchen with the very ‘non-smiling’ chef. He will not help you enjoy breakfast by trying to accommodate to your needs The poached eggs come in a glass – be prepared to dig deep! Unfortunately no photos – i hate that. but here is one from a blogger via Art of Eating – a Polish blog: http://www.makelifeeasier.pl/inne/art-of-eating/ I never received that bread basket – that’s so not cool.


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