12 Stolikow – Warsaw

Warsaw: Chic, innovative and fresh produce On a recent trip to Warsaw, Poland I was slapped in the face with proving misconceptions that totally wrong. Poland is full of diversity, multi-culturalism and fun cafes I LOVE IT! The prices are so damn low – and you almost feel like you are being ripped off when you have to pay anything more than 23 ZL for a meal. After a few bad misses at touristy places referred by adoptive locals – I trusted my gut and went for breakkie and a place called : The B*Critic Says Italian Restaurant · Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant · Diner · Seafood Restaurant Krucza 16/22, 00-526 Warsaw, Poland795 373 815 12 TABLES or more simple 12 Stolikow I love it! Some people have given it a bad wrap but to me, prices are great, clean, friendly service and just great food in a nice environment. Sit out and avoid the magazines which are a little sticky But I guess it just means people are enjoying themselves that they lick their fingers! Looking forward to more visits 🙂


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