What is the rule and tradition behind a good crepe? In France, Paris to be exact I had a so -so crepe that was very soft but cheap in the Marais Area On a recent trip to Paris – I was on the prowl again I stumbled upon L’avant Comptoir Odd but no website: so here you go http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/11/12/standing-room-only-lavant-comptoir-in-paris/ The B*Critic says this: So many people are referred to this area Jump into the small cafe on a street corner and be surrounded by Americans with a big appetite to be ‘French’ Whilst the food looks quite nice, the service is quick and efficient Be prepared to wait because no reservations are taken They want to make you wait It’s a good option for those looking for food in a reliable cafe – close to St. Germain – the tourist hotspot I prefer to grab a heavily loaded crepe from L’avant Comptoir and head into the Luxenburg Park near-by Don’t get the savoury crepes – they are gross, I found an eye lash with a combination of some spit from the waitress yelling at the crepe man The crepes are cheap, crispy … just get the sucree and beurre crepe. Bon!


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