The B*Critic: Traube Tonbach – Germany – Chef Lingelser – Recipe

Traube Tonbach – The Black Forest, Germany

Hotel: Resort style stay – Traube Tonbach
Restaurants: Affordable to Three Star Michelin Restaurant
Michelin Star Restaurant: Schwarzwaldstube
Chef: Harald Wohlfahrt
Other Restaurants – Köhlerstube, Chef Henry Oscar Fried
Other Restaurants – Silberberg Chef Jürgen Reidt – Buffet Style

Contact Details:

Tonbachstrasse 237
72270 Baiersbronn im Schwarzwald
Telephone +49 (0) 7442 4920

Go for: Black Forest Cake
Gourmet Breakfast
Michelin Star Meals

Fax +49 (0) 7442 492692

Recipe from Pastry Chef – Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake – Traube Tonbach
Recipe for 1cake (diameter 28 cm, 6cm high).

Cherry jelly.

520g sour cherry in syrup

270g sour cherry – syrup

60g sugar

30g cream powder, farina

1- Mix cream powder and sugar and add 50 g cherry syrup

2- Cook the rest of the cherry syrup, add the first mixture and congeal it to jelly

3- Add the dropped sour cherries to the cherry jelly and mix it. Cool it.

Kirsch foam.

100g sugar

100g Kirsch (cherry brandy)

12 g soaked gelatin

750 g whipped cream

1- Warm the dropped gelatin with the Kirsch and the sugar up to 40°C,

2- Add at about 30 to 35°C a quarter of the whipped cream

3- Add the rest of the cream

Chocolate biscuit . Recipe for 1 cake setting ring (diameter 28cm, 6 cm high)

Preparation: wrap the cake setting ring with paper.

8 eggs

220g sugar

110g flour

130g wheat powder, farina

35g Cacao powder

4g baking powder

1- Warm the eggs and the sugar under stirring to 40°C, whip it with a mixer cold and foamy

2- Sieve the rest of the ingredients and add it to the egg mass

3- Disperse the mass in the prepared rings and back it at 180°C to 190°C 35 minutes

Soak – Syrup.

2 parts sugar syrup (50%sugar +50%water)

1 part Kirsch

Your browser may not support display of this image.


1- Put a 1,5 cm thick slice of chocolate biscuit on the bottom of the cake ring.

2- Disperse the cherries in jelly on it, cover the cherries with the Kirsch foam and arrange it.

3- Add a chocolate biscuit bottom and soak it with the soak syrup.

4- Add the Kirsch foam up to the top of the ring. Cool it for several hours..

5- To arrange, cover the cake with another chocolate biscuit bottom and soak it. Separate the cake from the cake setting ring and put it on a short pastry bottom (with chocolate)

6- Brush the cake with the whipped cream and decorate it with chocolate chips. Portion the cake into 14 parts and garnish each with cream and a cherry.


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