The B*Critic: Azumendi – SPAIN – Chef Revealed

Restaurant Azurmendi – Spain

Basque Region
Restaurant: Azumendi
Other Restaurants and Concepts: Pret a Porter
Chef: Eneko Atxa

Food: Michelin Star Meal
Gastronomy – best entrees and savoury dishes with perfection on breads
Special: Winery and delicious beverages

Gorgeous setting and lofty experience watching an unusual setting of flying cars
Service: Kind, Formal yet inviting
Corredor del txorierri salida nº 25
Larrabetzu ( Lezama ) Bizkaia
Telefono: +34 944 558 866

RECIPE: Crunchy Cow-Tail Raviolis, Cornbread, and Vegetable Broth (for 4 people)

For the tail
2.3 lbs (1kg). tail
1 onion
1 carrot
1 leek
1 tomato
3.5 oz (10gr.) of flour
6.5 tablespoons (100ml) of red wine
Beef broth

Fry the previously salted and floured tail. In the remaining oil, grill the vegetables over a low heat. Crush the vegetables when they are soft, along with a good amount of beef broth.
Put the wine and fried tail in a pot, and let it reduce for a few minutes and add the vegetable sauce. Cover the pot and boil.
Let it cool down, debone, and arrange it in a baking pan, along with the sauce.

For the raviolis

3.5 oz (10gr.) bacon fat
Diced deboned tail
Cornbread rolled into thin layers with a meat slicer.
Wrap, making a cross with the bacon fat and lastly with the bread (cut very thinly, almost transparent), and set aside.

For the vegetable broth

.45 lbs (200gr.) of garbanzo
0.7 oz (20gr.) pumpkin
½ pig’s trotter

Cook all the ingredients in a pot (with the garbanzos having soaked 12 hours beforehand). Strain and reduce to half. Strain and set aside the broth.

End and Presentation

Toast the raviolis on all sides for 2 minutes in a pan. Arrange the vegetable broth at the bottom of the plate and above this, the two raviolis. Finish with two sprouts garnishes.


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