The B*Critic: Hotel Ackselhaus BERLIN

Luxury Details:
Stay: Hotel Ackselhaus BERLIN
Location:Belforter Straße 21 10405 Berlin, Germany
030 44337633
Contact: PHONE + 49 (0) 30 44 33 76 33 + 49 (0) 30 44 31 26 03

Neighbourhood: Prenzlauer Berg: The best and most vibrant neighbourhood you can be in when in Berlin. The area is chic, they have a great street, after street of restaurants. Close to the notorious Currywust stand… and other much better eats. About a 15 minute walk to the tourist centre
Hotel Atmosphere: Classy, comfortable and just worth the hype
Crowd:High End Hostel seekers with a taste of the finer things in life
Amenities: Everything you could ask for
Talent in the Kitchen: None – but you get free pastries… and a home-y feel in a classy burb…. but the breakfast is great at their local cafe

Everything in your little oasis….

Guest Review

There are certain regrets travelers have when they leave a city.
As a self professed food tragic with a serious case of the travel bug, I was lucky to leave the bustling city of Berlin with a a stomach full of Currywurst (although it took three visits to the famed institution recommended by a fellow travel writer, I would not suggest this place worthy of another visit or line up), pork knuckle with trays of sauerkraut and of course gelati (yes ‘eis’ is a very popular visit that I highly recommend when in Berlin).

Although I didn’t get a chance to try the Chinese restaurants splashed out across the city, or indulge in the authentic brunches around my favourite neighbourhood on the weekend, I feel slightly reminiscent on the accommodation that I was exposed to during my trip to the German capital.

For those not familiar with the cosy neighbourhood of xxx, I recommend it. I hope I’m not doing the locals an injustice by publically announcing it as my favourite place to visit when in Berlin. There are no tourists, great little cafes and of course boutique shopping. To me, the best and only option when it comes to staying in a boutique and designer hotel, you can’t go pass Hotel Ackselhaus.

Although the street signs are little confusing, it is only a stones throw away from both train and tram stops making it easily accessible. Walking into the reception area can send any weary traveller chills down the spine at what promises to be a very ‘European’ experience. But upon opening the doors to my apartment, I was utterly surprised at what was in front of me. A tastefully decorated room that I could easily call home. A comfy bed with a giant flat screen tv complemented the espresso machine in front of me. With the sea as a backdrop, I continued to walk into my huge room to discover a haven in my very own bathroom with… wait for it, a flat screen tv laid perfectly in front of my 1950s bath tub.

Expect the unexpected when in Ackselhaus, peer outside your window and feel your weekly troubles from a 9 to 5 job roll off your shoulders with an outside patio and fresh baked croissants with a warm note from the team suggesting guests to ‘sit back, relax and let Ackselhaus take care of you’.

After staying at luxury hotels for the past few years, I might just consider boutique hotels as my new niche, thanks to Ackselhaus, reception was warm and inviting, I didn’t feel like a tourist and well, breakfast was quite delightful with fresh breads and fruit being my weakness in the morning.

A few regrets: I didn’t get to sample waffles or any hot items for breakfast and I only stayed for a very short one night stay in the comfort of the Ackselhaus team.
Well, at least there is the potential and dream of returning and visiting the newly established Blue House with much anticipation.


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