The B*Critic – ABaC HOTEL – 5*

Final Stop: Barcelona

Luxury Details:

Stay: AbAC Barcelona – Grand 5* Luxe Restaurant and Hotel
Location: Av del Tibidabo, 1 08022 Barcelona, Spain
Contact: 933 19 66 00
Price Range:
Neighbourhood: Sarria Sant Gervassi – Away from the hustle of Las Ramblas (15 minutes train ride), local feel, close proximity to local market and boutique shops
Hotel Atmosphere: Classy, five star resort
Crowd: Gastronomics and Design Fans
Amenities: Hermes
Talent in the Kitchen: Jodi Cruz


Totally soundproof.
Parquet flooring and exotic wood.
Independent air conditioning & heating.
Wireless high Speed internet connection.
Bang & Olufsen 32”, 42” & 50” television and sound system..
Direct telephone line.
Safety box.
”Merten” remote control for lights and blinds.
Mattress “Treca de Paris”
Linen yarn.
Working desk.
Jacuzzi with chromo therapy.
Rain effect shower.
Sleepers and wardrobe.

Guest Review:

I did my research before delving head first into a city that I had read so much about.

I was looking forward to fresh seafood, some of the best dining experiences and of course mastering the art of walking in a city full of tourists and not looking like one.

It’s difficult to step away from being a tourist in Barcelona. No matter how hard I tried to resist the urge of taking out my camera, or trying my hand at speaking Spanish – and butchering the language in the process – I stuck out like a sore thumb during my four day visit.

I was happy to learn that my destination, ABaC Hotel was nowhere near the famed tourist hot spot Las rambles, but rather in the Tibidabo area. Venturing on the train towards my hotel, I wondered whether I was sent on a wild adventure that would make the morning news, but after a short 10 minutes, I arrived at the front gates of a very private looking establishment.

In giant letters ABAC welcomed me to the city known as a paradise for food seekers with a unique palette to good food. The hotel deserves a brief description with what it has to offer its guests.

Although a fat wallet is needed to stay in this hotel, every penny is worth the investment with the restaurant being booked out by food lovers every night. The dinner degustation at 145 Euros was praised by fellow hotel guests as ‘beyond their expectation’ and ‘worth every mile travelled’. But to me, the hotel and service promised a little more than just the basic hotel service. Guests can expect a friendly and warm welcome from knowledgeable staff that don’t provide the usual generic tips on where to go and travel. Local haunts are given, along with their Signature Cocktails made exclusively from Wild hibiscus flowers off the shores of Australia. The hotel speaks volumes, importing Australian wines to complement the exquisite meals from an open kitchen where you can watch the young team prepare each meal with a smile and an ‘Hola’.

My fellow traveller and I fell in love with the hotel, so much that we’re hoping to see a wedding in the family at this highly exclusive luxury hotel that can’t be rivaled by large chains around the city.

IMAGES by Marco Pastori


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