The B*Critic – Cumulus Inc

So…. people rave about this place.
It’s the place to eat when in Melbourne.

I was considering hosting a huge party here for 10 people but after dropping in for breakfast will no longer do that.

The atmosphere is very try hard-y.

Walk in, and all these wanna-be ‘sex and the city’ chicks are gathered around a very way too tall table, not eating, sharing one piece of toast.

Mixed couples are trying to impress their in-laws eating their bone dry boiled eggs and communal jam jars.

People apparently in love are at the kitchen bar, trying not to spit on my food.

What I don’t like about it:
Walk in, bad atomsphere
The coffee was slammed on my table
Breakfast options are limited with the 65/65 egg being really not that special… give me a poached egg any day.
Coffee was disgusting to say the least… no coffee taste
oh my gosh, the commual jams – so gross, i found a piece of toast in it…

The maybe-so so good, but not enough to get me in again
fresh smoked salmon
service was with a smile, but i am a paying customer.

The danger of having a restaurant associated with another: i won’t be considering cutler and co… until things are rectified.

Final word:
LA wanna-be atomsphere without the good grub, but fresh produce is evident…

Cumulus Inc. on Urbanspoon

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