The B*Critic – ShiraNui Baby… after sooo many years

ShiraNui Sushi… in Glen Waverley

Everyone has raved about it.
Everyone has been there
Everyone, doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Sure they are authentic. They are Japanese, from my favourite Japanese prefecture: Kyushu. That makes them the best seafood people in the world.

The lunch specials are great.
The prices are reasonable.
The dinners should be well priced too but I have yet to indulge.

The crowd is very annoying
-one chick was blowing her nose at the counter – gross
-another girl put her dirty hat on the counter – get lost
– some taiwanese or mainland chinese boy with his parents were yelling at each other, and when leaving bowed to the chefs – annoying.

PLEASE – don’t ruin this place for those who haven’t tried it.

The sushi and sashimi are fresh… but you know what?
they are the cheapest brand of fish
the ginger ain’t real
the wasabi ain’t the real deal too.

but the service is friendly… and like i said – authenticity makes it the best jap place there is in melb….. so far.

Shiranui on Urbanspoon


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