Dear Pearl Cafe,
How are you?

Thanks for having me and my family over for breakfast last week.

I have to admit, I only went into your cafe by default because Demitri’s feast was not open on a Monday… I almost cried, but didn’t.

Walking into your cafe, there was a very clinical feel.
The salt and pepper shakers rock and are totally cute, almost wanted to steal them however didn’t.

The wait staff were super nice except or the one lady who looked like she was the guarder of the salt and pepper shakers and looked a little ‘mean ‘ to say the least. Not the face I want to see when eating breakfast on the weekend.

Your food was pretty okay, it was a little oily, however, the bread was good.
The eggs are not fantastic and you should have scrambled eggs. Can’t your chefs scramble?
The eggs were not up to scratch because two eggs were presented at the bottom of a dish that should have seen two gorgeously poached separate items for a top place like your own.

The way the tea is served is silly to say the least but interesting.


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