Demitri’s Feast – Richmond – MELBOURNE BREAKFAST

I’m a bit of breakfast snob.

I have to do my research before indulging in what could possibly be classified as the easiest and simplest dish to prepare for even the amateur cook – scrambled eggs.

But when it comes to digging into my wallet, finding a nice cozy spot for my weekly breakfast away from the comfort of my own kitchen – a meal is no longer just a meal.
Demitri’s Feast found on the busy street of Swan Street in Richmond caught my attention and I’m glad it did. Sandwiched between a worn down video and Barber shop is the best breakfast as voted by The Age for 2010.

I have agree. for now anyways.

It’s not your average breakfast, following the usual breakfast Melbourne eats of boring Fritters and what not that other café’s are overcharging hungry weekenders. Instead, browse the menu for delicious Greek inspired items at a reasonable price. Scrambled eggs are fluffy and delicious draped over a well known bread supplier from St Kilda. The sage mushroom combination is gorgeous on a plate sprinkled with yummy produce that is best enjoyed with the addition of two poached eggs. Delicious.

The coffee is great, as expected even at a higher price than those of surrounding cafes.

The service, well, how friendly, inviting and just added value to a great breakfast on an otherwise very scary looking street – yes, it’s right opposite Dimmy’s.

Don’t forget to indulge in the complimentary but unique addition of the black sea salt found on all tables.

Demitri's Feast on Urbanspoon


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