Feeling Slightly Ripped Off – SUSHI MART –

There’s always the slight hesitation to globally announce a place that is dear to your heart – especially when it comes to eating good food at an affordable price.

You sort of toss and turn, move around in your crisp linen (yes, the Chinese wash everything and clean everything when it comes to welcoming in the New Year ) and think long and hard about whether or not your going to do one less selfish act for the week and give up your local Sushi place for all local Vancouverites to enjoy.

The term ‘hole in the wall’ has long been over used in a culinary city that offers far too many places to eat, drink, mingle and get in touch with friends. Considering this place is clean cut-almost clinical, brand new and at the end of the fancy side of Robson street a lot has to be said about an eatery that sells sushi-on-the-go to a large list of Japanese clientele.

I started being a ‘regular’ when I realised it was authentically owned by a father and son both from Japan. They have improved their technique and style in the kitchen, however, slightly succumbing to the pressures of Westernising the menu to combat the still competition on Denman and either ends of Robson and Davie Streets. The rolls have gotten bigger and unfortunately, so has the price. My usual go-to dish the Chirashi Don was once a glorious 9.50 has now risen to 17 bucks…. I’m saddened by this but feel slightly relieved that I ate my fair share of Chirashi Don’s when it was at a bargain price. I’d like to think I increased their clientele over the past few months, and hope they they name the Chirashi after a big and loyal fan.

I’ll still go, but not for the Chirashi, just out of habit.

1668 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6G1C7, Canada
(604) 687-2422


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